451-bg-patch.jpg (18299 bytes)451st Bombardment Group (H)

Warbirds Virtual Bomb Group

The Figthin' 451st!



The 451st Bomb Group (H) is as close to a failthful recreation of the historical 451st, as is possible within the limitations of WarBirds III



the virtual 451st Bomb Group (H) primarily flies the B-24j (dependant on the RPS availabilty)


  • Honor the men of the 451st Bomb Group (H) in WWII

  • Focus on the pirmary 451st Bomb Group (H) Mission of high altitude bombardment of axis targets

  • Fight as a well disciplined combat team.

  • Have a damn good time doing it!

  • Exicute pre-planned bombing missions atleast twice per week

  • Participate as often as possible as a squad in events


  • Durring Squad missions we will only fly available heavy bombers, primarily the B-24j

  • People of all skill levels are welcome to join, we will grow as a team

  • This group follows basic military customs and courtesies and is not a democracy, however the command staff will listen to group members.


The 451st Bomb Group (H) conducts operations on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 8:00pm EST and Saturday evenings at 8:30pm EST.

Each member will recieve, via e-mail, an Air Tasking Order that outlines the pre-planned mission for the evening. The Air Tasking Order (ATO) will be sent out atleast 1 hour prior to the planned mission start time. The ATO will contain all the information to conduct the operation.


Primarily via Roger Wilco (IP to be announced via ATO)

Group Call Sign: Breakneck

Secondary 110 in text buffer

   Promotions / Awards


Promotions and awards are based upon preformance durring Squad Operations. Warbird rank is NOT recognized within the 451st Bomb Group (H)

Rank: Every member is started as a 2nd Lt. Promotions after that are based upon recommendations of Group/Squadron leadership.

Awards: Any pilot may recommend any other pilot (including those from other groups that assist us durring operations) for any award that we offer. Recommendations are sent via e-mail to the group commander for review and authorization.